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Looking for Belle & Clive? So Was I.

I fondly remember Belle & Clive as the luxury flash sale website operated by online outlet Bluefly.  When I went to check on this site, I found its registration had expired. So I registered the domain. I run Modern Fellows, an effort to get to know innovative brands helping men dress sharp in the digital age.

Get to Know Modern Fellows

Will you take a moment to check out Modern Fellows? We engage with innovative brands like Bonobos, Proper Cloth, Ledbury and Beckett Simonon that are helping men look their best. 

Coming Soon: A Brief History of Flash Sales

In the future, I’d like to use this space to dig into the history of flash sales, which seem to have had their moment in the sun. Belle & Clive’s parent Bluefly unexpectedly ceased operations and filed for bankruptcy on February 1, 2019. Other pioneers like Amazon’s MyHabit and Ideeli are gone.  Let’s look back.